A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Brawl and smash your way through goblins in order to protect your dragon egg from certain destruction!

This game was created for Ludum Dare 46 with the theme "Keep it alive". Proudly created in the Godot engine with C#.


  • Fluid, satisfying combat and movement!
  • Punch, jump, and charge your way through hordes of goblins!
  • Protect your egg from the goblin menace!
  • 6  levels! (Plus a tutorial level!)
  • Goblin giblets galore!


  • A/D or Left Arrow/Right Arrow to move
  • W/Space/Up Arrow to jump
  • Left click to punch, hold left click to charge



Egg Hero (Windows).zip 37 MB
Egg Hero (Linux).zip 52 MB
Egg Hero (Mac).zip 39 MB

Install instructions

For Mac Users

  • You may be unable to open the app initially. If so, CONTROL + Left Click the app and then select "Open" from the context menu. That will allow you to play the game.

For Windows and Linux Users

  • Unzip the .zip file and run the executable.

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